Monday, June 30, 2014

Another Month

Another month has passed with no new posts! I might be able to keep up with this better if I could do it one-handed from my phone. Sometimes I think of posts I would like to write, but the days and nights just get away from me.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the last few weeks:

Alain visited NYC for the first time (with parents and Scott grandparents, who babysat while Taison and I went to see Wicked!).
I officially joined the board of the Cambridge YWCA.
Taison finished his year of being chief resident.

Alain just turned 7 months old. He has mastered sitting, and is very pleased with himself to sit up and look around at the world. He loves oatmeal and broccoli (not together) and suddenly hates bananas, but seems to like plantains. Rather than just cry, he often does "sad speech" or "mad speech", in which he combines his ever-growing set of "words" with crying to try to explain to us what he wants or what we're doing wrong. Unfortunately, we don't quite understand these speeches, because they're in baby-talk, not English (or Spanish). It's pitiful and hilarious at the same time to hear him do it.

That's all for now-I'll try to come back to at least add a few photos to this post soon!

Ok, I'm back to finish up, 24 hrs later:

Father's day walk in the Middlesex Fells

Naked baaaabyyyyyyy!

Picnic in Boston-complete with lobster rolls!

Hanging out on a quilt great-grandma Merry made

Beach bear (Crane Beach, MA)

Story time with grandma (and daddy) in NYC

Visiting grandma's old grad school stomping grounds

Smooching on the High Line

On top of the Empire State Building, where he also had a snack (never imagined breastfeeding there)

High Line: 2014 and 2011

Smiles : )

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