Sunday, August 31, 2014

August!'s already almost over!

Quick highlights:

1. The Vineyard-We spent two glorious weeks there. My parents, Alex and Liz joined us for a few days. The bear liked the sand but not the water, and LOVED story time at the West Tisbury library. It was a "working vacation" for Taison and I-he was studying for boards and I was reviewing the textbook for the class I'll be teaching this fall (more on that later). 

On our way!

Date night!

Uncle Alex!

Mmmm...lobster roll

Memorial for Julian at the base of Edgartown lighthouse

You can see the Edgartown lighthouse in the distance

Oh, and Alain met Hilary Clinton!

Happy grandparents on the beach

2. Teeth! Alain turned 9 months old last week, and his first tooth broke through on that very day. The second one's on it's way.

3. Back to school-I thought this would be my first fall not involved in school/teaching, but I accepted a position in July teaching a course back at NU on the American health care system. So...just call me Professor Bell?

4. Daycare bear-Since I'll be teaching twice a week, the bear is going to daycare part time. We found a center we really like around the corner. It's going to be a tough transition for Alain (separation anxiety has just kicked in), but we think he'll like it a lot once he settles in.

What Alain's into lately:


Still loves his piano-although he spends most of his time upending it rather than playing it


Practicing using that tooth!

He's also *this close* to crawling and has started trying to pull up to stand. So baby-proofing is now on the to-do list. 

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