Monday, June 29, 2015

The End of the Beginning

Our condo on Magnolia Street is empty and now we live in VA. I was definitely ready to say goodbye to our first home, but seeing the nursery empty was hard. That room held a lot of hopes and dreams and fears and regrets. Julian sent a double rainbow to see us off the night before we left, just after the movers finished loading the truck.

He sent another (double) rainbow a few days after we moved in, when Taison and I were on our way home from an afternoon movie date.

Alain's room here in VA is beautiful. Both his room and ours look out on a pond across the street. One of the first things Alain likes to do when he wakes up is open the blinds to see the "agua". We gave him a big boy haircut shortly after we arrived, which he loved. He's having a great time living with g'ma and g'pa and Coco...especially Coco. He misses Taison, a lot (so do I). Luckily he'll join us in just a couple more days. Overall he's adjusting well to his new home.

We still have a lot of unknowns, but I'm comfortable with that for now. It's summer and I get to explore new possibilities with the bear (and my mom, and sometimes Taison when he's not working), and we'll see where we end up.

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