Friday, May 31, 2013

Interesting Week

This week started with delicious whole-wheat blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning. I had been wanting pancakes for about two weeks, and was so happy these came out well (pancakes are hit-or-miss for me).

Yum (adapted from Blueberry Whole-Wheat Pancakes)

I planted this year's veggie garden on Monday with our neighbor. Tomatoes, basil, eggplant, poblano peppers, cilantro, carrots, lettuce, arugula, snap peas, green beans and more. We got plenty of rain the next day and then lots of sun-should be a good start for the plants.

Taison outdid me in the scrumptious breakfast food category this week with this meal at a cafe in Chapel Hill. Even he commented on how tasty it was. It helps that he was in particularly good company-he went to visit some of our favorite friends in NC during a whirlwind tour of the south this week.

Upscale chicken and waffles

I enjoyed some good company myself when I went with one of my best buddies to see Matthew Morrison from Glee perform with the Boston Pops on Wednesday night. It was a fun, upbeat concert and a nice chance to catch up with a friend. Definitely worth staying up a little bit past my bedtime.

Taison came home on Thursday, but unfortunately had to make plans to head right back down to VA to tend to his grandma. Which means we had to amend our anniversary celebration from a day trip to Newport to lunch in Harvard Square. We like Harvard Square, though, and had a nice meal. 

4 years!

After lunch, we got to see baby : ) : ) : ). We had an ultrasound to check for genetic abnormalities (NT scan). Baby looks great-was moving around and is just the size he or she should be now. It was very reassuring to see the little one.

Baby at almost 13 weeks

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