Monday, June 10, 2013

Quality Time in VA

I spent last weekend in VA. It's so nice and green there this time of year, and the cicadas weren't nearly as bad as I remember from past years. The last time I visited was in March before I found out I was pregnant. It's amazing how much can happen in three months. It was a nice visit, although bittersweet (isn't everything?) because Taison's grandmother passed away on Friday evening. This most recent death in the family was expected, planned for, and peaceful, so we're doing fine. We'll go back down this weekend for the funeral.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

TAAAAYLOOOR! (in his new apartment)

Mom, dad and I went to DC for a quick visit on Saturday morning. I love Taylor and Ana's new neighborhood. Big farmer's market two blocks away, good restaurants, quick walk to the Metro. Their street is adorable (well-preserved hundred-year-old townhomes) with a nice mix of ages, races and ethnicities.

The main reason I was in VA this weekend was for our good friend Adetoun's wedding. Taison and I met Adetoun the same day we met each other: freshman move-in day, twelve years ago this September. 

The beautiful bride coming down the aisle with her father.

"Is this your first African wedding?" we were asked by a guest after the ceremony. As non-Africans, we were in the minority. We stuck out a little with our non-Nigerian formal wear.

 The new Dr. and Dr. Musa

Momma Scott was my date. Taison couldn't make the wedding because he needed to stay one more day in Lynchburg to start planning for Grandma Taylor's funeral.

Taison did get back to NoVA in time for some quality time with Coco before our flight back north.

We finally started monthly pregnancy pictures when we got back home on Sunday. (We had been talking about it for a couple of weeks, but Taison was never there to take my picture!) 
Baby's the size of a lemon this week (week 14). 

And yes, I'm showing a little.

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