Friday, April 11, 2014


I've neglected my poor blog for a month! Here are my excuses:
1. Vacation
2. Baby only sleeping 2hrs at a time
3. Baby refusing to take naps
4. Computer not working very well

We're long back from vacation, Alain slept more like a normal baby last night and took regular naps today, and I just restarted the computer. Bonus: Taison just took Alain on a walk. Time to write!

Vacation was wonderful. The yoga retreat at Anamaya was everything I wanted and needed. Beautiful setting, really friendly people, excellent food, restorative yoga. Even without all of these things, spending two weeks with both of my boys (Taison was off for two weeks-we spent one in Costa Rica) was enough of a treat. This was all a bonus...AND we saw the Scott grandparents before and after.

There were about 20 guests at the resort along with us that week. The staff opened the week with a welcome circle, where we shared our passion and intention for the week. We introduced Alain and explained that his passion is breastmilk ; ). I also told the group about Alain's older brother, and explained how important yoga has been to my journey since Julian's birth. As I mentioned above, the yoga that week was restorative. Not too challenging or intense, with a focus on reconnecting and meeting yourself where you are. It was perfect for me-I even tried some cool new poses that I didn't think I could do. We had classes at 7:30am and 5:30pm, each preceded by a snack of perfectly ripe tropical fruit and followed by a delicious meal.

There were some emotionally intense moments for me at points during the week. As the week progressed, I realized how much fear and anxiety I had been storing in my body since we lost Julian: fear of being pregnant again, fear of not being able to get pregnant again, worry about getting Alain here safely. The retreat gave me the time and space to acknowledge and let go of some of that. At the closing circle, we were asked to name what we were taking home with us and what we were leaving behind. I said I was taking courage, and leaving guilt.

And now for pictures of Alain's first international trip:

Alain on the first of eight planes that we were on during the course of the trip. He did great and made friends on all of the flights.

First time in a pool

One of the chefs plating lunch-so many fresh fruits and veggies prepared so many different ways-even Taison was satisfied with the food.

Daddy and baby in the nearby town of Montezuma.

We had to wake him up so he wouldn't miss out on putting his feet in the ocean.

Hanging out on mommy's mat before class

Checking out the water in Playa Hermosa

Sleeping through one of many cab rides. The louder and bumpier the ride, the better the nap.

Cool vacation daddy

Sleepy boys

Hanging out near a waterfall that was an easy hike away from the resort.

Looks easy, right?

The view from our room. The jungle noises at sunset were so loud! Lots of wildlife around-geckos, iguanas, howler monkeys, hummingbirds...

Family beach photo

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