Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finally Spring

Alain captured how I feel about it finally being spring with this face:

I'm so excited for non-bundled walks, picnics, farmers markets, gardening and exposed baby rolls. Speaking of rolling, Alain has finally learned to roll over (tummy to back) while clothed. He learned to roll naked weeks ago, but the bulky cloth diaper adds an extra challenge.

We haven't introduced any solid foods yet. We're planning to wait until he's closer to six months old, but may start a little earlier because he's getting very interested in what we're eating and drinking. He's still refusing to drink milk from anywhere except me, so we're giving up on bottles and are going to try sippy cups. Should be entertaining.

We're going to VA again next month to visit family, get our first family photos taken at Meadowlark where we got married (five years ago!) and to have a little welcome/half birthday celebration for Alain. A lot of friends and family in the MD/DC/VA area still haven't met him, so we decided to do a casual open house at my parents. I also liked the idea of celebrating his half birthday, for two reasons. One, we haven't really celebrated him yet. I didn't have a shower when I was pregnant with him (he's a second child, after all), and we didn't do a baptism/christening/naming ceremony/100 days ceremony. Also, I anticipate that most of his full birthday celebrations will be small, since his birthday is so close to Thanksgiving.

I'm thinking about ways to incorporate Julian into our family photos next month. Oddly enough, Taison and I feel like Alain looks more like Julian now than he did at birth. Some of Alain's facial expressions remind us of Julian's sweet peaceful face. It's been hard to find time to remember Julian lately, so it's nice that Alain is helping with that now. We actually just ordered something special for Julian-more on that later because his baby brother is waking up now!

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