Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Special Little Video

Taison put together a video of some of the highlights of our year with the Alain-bear. I'll post that here in lieu of trying to catch up on the whole fall in one post. I will say that the fall was a pleasant, sometimes stressful whirlwind. The bear learned to have fun at daycare, I guided 17 undergrads through a semester-long overview of the US health care system, and Taison continued to do a great job of balancing his demanding job with family time. The bear is almost walking and has recently cut two more teeth, with at least one more right behind. He babbles a ton and claps to celebrate all of the little things in life : ).

Here's the video*-it made me cry the first time I saw it. Just a few grateful tears. We still look at Alain sometimes and can't believe that he's ours, and he's here, and we get to raise him.

"Bye-bye, 2014! Thanks for being so good to us."

*The music in the video is inspired by a spontaneous post-Christmas Eve dinner family singalong, and the fact that Taison and I love Rent and were lucky to see it on Broadway before it closed.

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