Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kitchen Adventures: Meatballs with Al Pal

Al Pal tending to the meatballs

I enjoyed a rare kitchen collaboration with Alex for (turkey-free) Thanksgiving 2012. Thanksgiving dinner was a success, although I have to admit two things:
1. Alex rolled his meatballs better than I rolled mine.
2. These meatballs were not quite as delicious as Momma Scott's.

Other parts of Thanksgiving dinner:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Pound cake (courtesy of Momma Scott)

I always remember halfway through Thanksgiving that I own china and this would be a good occasion to use it. So, out came the china for dessert and coffee (or tea).

Pound cake with Morello cherries and whipped cream


So that was Thanksgiving 2012. Much different than other Thanksgivings, but nice. There were some tears, but they didn't interfere with the enjoyment of good food and good company. 

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