Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lulu Love

Taison gave me a gift certificate to Lululemon as a "push present" last year. I never would have bought myself anything there on my own, but now I'm hooked. I just got another pair of their yoga pants. Lululemon pants are amazing. They feel good and they make you look good. It's funny, because I don't even do yoga in public anymore (I'm back to practicing at home, often using classes from Yoga Today). I have these great pants and the only person who sees them is Taison. He appreciates them, though ; ).

In Vermont last summer wearing my new Lululemon gear

I was struck by how getting a few new, good-quality, well-fitting clothes helped my confidence as I slowly rejoined the world after Julian was born. I learned that "look good, feel good" is actually true in some cases. And having comfy yoga wear makes me want to do more yoga, which makes me feel even better. Taison chose a perfect push present-it was a gift that keeps on giving.

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