Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beach Escape 2013

We got back from Turks and Caicos yesterday. We had a nice week and easy travels. Here are some pictures: 

The cockpit of the antique-looking 9-seater plane we took from Providenciales (a larger city in Turks and Caicos with an international airport) to Salt Cay, the small island we stayed on. It was a surprisingly smooth flight.

Salt Cay airport from the plane

North Beach, just steps from our suite. We had the beach to ourselves almost every day.

Biking into "town" for dinner on a very bumpy, sandy road. We road our bikes all over the island, despite the rough ride. Luckily, they had lights on them for our rides home from dinner. We could see so many stars at night-the most I've ever seen in my life.

It was chilly and rainy on our first full day there, so we hung out in our suite most of the day, except for a visit with the family of goats that live nearby. This is one of the twin baby goats. 

Lunchtime on our front porch

Island donkeys-they're feral and eat everything and destroy the island ecosystem : /.
The building in the background is one of the three restaurants on the island.

Sunset over the water

Benji, our doggy friend

Our cow acquaintance 

Special sand-each grain was polished perfectly smooth by the sea. It was so soft and light.
Me and Taison in front of the old salt ponds

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  1. Beautiful pics! Looks very peaceful and serene. :)