Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer So Far

I love summer so much. I would almost always rather be hot than cold, and a little humidity makes me feel cozy. I love the long days, especially waking up to sunshine, even at 6am. Here are a few things that have made me particularly happy so far this summer:

Going back to "preg-yoga" (aka prenatal yoga).

I started prenatal yoga again a few weeks ago. I still practice on my own at home, but it's nice to be back in a class. It's also nice to be able to go to class in flips flops and no outerwear. 

Getting back on my bike! 

I kept missing opportunities to ride in late spring/early summer because of bad weather, being out of town, and still feeling so tired during the first trimester. I finally got out on a ride for the first time a few weeks ago. Taison and I have gone on a few nice rides since then. (I especially like the ones that involve stopping for ice cream.) I have to take it a little more slowly than usual, and my belly will be in the way soon. I'm going to try raising the handlebars for the next ride to make more space for baby. I don't plan to ride for too much farther into the pregnancy, but I'm enjoying it for now.   

Weekday lunch with Taison! 

This only happened once, even though he worked within walking distance of my office for half of the past year. That just made this lunch extra-special. It probably won't happen again anytime soon, since he is back across town at MGH (as a chief resident!) for the next year. This is on the patio of my building-a nice spot that I don't go out to often enough. Taison was even brave enough to come into my office to say "hi" to my coworkers (everyone is female). 

 Growing things to eat! 

Our garden is off to a slow start (the weather didn't cooperate very well the first half of June), but I planted some radishes and carrots in a big pot on our front balcony early in the summer and they've done pretty well. I was craving radishes at the time, and the craving wore off long before there were many radishes to eat. So, I ended up letting several of the plants go to seed. Did you know you can eat radish seed pods? They're pretty tasty.

 Baby birds. 

I would actually rather not have baby birds on our front balcony, partly because of a prior experience with a dead baby bird a couple of years ago (luckily Jessica R was there to help me!), and also because it turns out that the parents of these three are the most aggressive robins ever. Since the babies hatched a few days ago, Taison and I have had to resort to using the buddy system when it's time to water the plants out there: one person to water (quickly) and the other keep watch for swooping bird-parents. It really seems like they might actually try to peck one of us in the face. I picture one getting tangled in my hair. I hope these babies grow up and fly away fast.


We don't grill as much as I would like because it's kind of a pain to cart the food up and down two flights of stairs. It always ends up being worth the extra work, though. I tried grilling plums last time-they were delicious, especially in an arugula salad.

 Yoga outside

A friend told me about a free yoga class that a local studio would be offering at Spy Pond a couple of times this summer. I tried it out last Sunday, and it was such a good class and a perfect start to the day.


I ate just about my fill of local strawberries in late May and June, and now I feel ready to move on to tomatoes. I got my first "good" tomato of the season from the farmer's market this afternoon. There is nothing like a just-picked tomato in the summer. I hope to have some from our own garden again this year, but that won't happen for several more weeks. 

Taison and I also like to catch up on a few good TV series during the summer, especially on those days when it's too hot to move. We just finished Scandal (I finally understand some of those Thursday night Facebook posts from the last year) and we're now one season into Breaking Bad (yay, chemistry!). 

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