Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beach Eats

We ate well last week...

 Taison enjoyed some oysters on my behalf (no raw seafood for me for another few months). I'm happy to say that he has learned to enjoy them almost as much as I do.

Fabulously delicious pasta and seafood dish at The Port Hunter in Edgartown. Extra bread was required to sop up the buttery-seafoody broth.

Best pancakes ever (pecan with rum raisins) at Artcliff diner. Worth the hour-plus wait for brunch. This place has been in Vineyard Haven for 70 years, but this was our first time going. We realized we had never gone out for brunch on the Vineyard because we've always stayed at a bed and breakfast!

 Breakfast sandwich and potatoes at Artcliff.

Monday was a rainy day, so we checked out the shops in Vineyard Haven with my parents, including a knitting store for Momma Scott (of course) and a bookstore. I didn't realize Michael Pollan has a new book out-must read soon. 

Chicken and waffles from the The Red Cat Kitchen in Oak Bluffs. The waiter recommended this dish because Gayle King seemed to enjoy it when she ate there the night before we did. I asked her about it when we ran into her on the beach the next day-she confirmed.

 We stopped at Morning Glory farm on our way to the beach when the weather cleared on Wednesday. They grow and sell the most delicious corn-it's so sweet.

When Alex and Liz got into town on Thursday, we took them (along with my parents) to our favorite lunch spot, Slice of Life cafe in Oak Bluffs. I always get the fried green tomato BLT, but this bacon and strawberry pizza that Liz tried was surprisingly good. They also have great (and huge) chocolate chip cookies-maybe the best I've ever had.

Ok, so I haven't discussed Back Door Donuts yet. I'll let the Yelp reviews speak for themselves. I'll just say that Taison and I went three times over the course of the week (once by ourselves, and of course we had to be good hosts and take my parents and then Alex and Liz). There are no pictures of the donuts because they don't last long once they are in your possession.

Waiting in line at the back door

Remember this picture from my last post? There are hot honey-glazed donuts in those bags.

The bakery also sells apple fritters. They are huge and delicious and one fritter should must be shared by at least two people. We had them for breakfast (a few times). 

Fried clams on the beach-perfect. These were from Nancy's-the Obamas ate there last week, too. 

 Lobster roll from the church ladies. A Vineyard Haven church sells them on Friday afternoons as a fundraiser. We grabbed some to go and ate them on our blanket in Ocean Park while we waited for the fireworks to start.

Remember the pancakes from Artcliff? We went again on Saturday morning before Alex and Liz left. And I got the pancakes again. This time we waited for close to two hours to be seated (it was worth it). We passed the time playing Catchphrase on Liz's phone and taking slightly awkward pictures:

And last but not least, fudge:
Mmmm...fudge. I always get some from Murdick's at the end of our visit to the island.

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