Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vineyard 2013

We had a wonderful time on Martha's Vineyard last week. This was our fourth year going, but this year was different because 1) we rented a house instead of staying at a B&B, 2) we had visitors!, and 3) we went during the peak week of the summer season.

First, the house:
It's owned by a chef and a landscaper, so it's beautiful with a great kitchen (perfect for me). It's a couple of miles away from Oak Bluffs, the town we usually stay in. It was nice to have our own space away from the hustle and bustle of a busy week on the island.

The patio-good place for a nap, but we also ate a few meals out there and grilled a couple of times.

 The house had access to a pond, where we kayaked, swam, and watched turtles and hawks.

Our visitors:
My parents joined us on Monday and stayed for a few nights, then Alex and Liz came for the last two nights of the week. It was so much fun to catch up with them and introduce them to our favorite vacation spot.

Dinner with the Scott parents

Coco doesn't like water-it took her a while to look this comfortable on the dock at the pond.

We visited Chappaquiddick for the first time-very pretty, and very sparsely populated.

Alex and Liz joined us on Thursday-we have to get Taylor and Ana there next year!

Peak season:
There is always a lot going on on the Vineyard at this time of year. We had a few celebrity sightings: a glimpse of the Obamas leaving dinner on Sunday night, a film screening followed by a Q&A with Harry Belafonte, a handshake with Angela Davis, eating dinner a few feet away from Jim Belushi, waving to Henry Louis Gates, Jr. as he rode by on his trike, and chatting with Gayle King on the beach.
On our way to the Harry Belafonte event

We went to the Grand Illumination for the first time:

The lanterns were pretty, but it was way too crowded-we didn't stay long.

The fireworks on Friday night were the best we (Taison, Alex, Liz and I) had ever seen. Maybe because the Obamas were there? (I tried to get a Secret Service guy to confirm what people were saying on Twitter, but he wouldn't tell me...he did let us pet his dog, though.)

Setting up for fireworks-they set them off from both the beach and the barge you can see in the distance.

The crowd getting settled to watch fireworks in Ocean Park. Rumor was that the Obamas were watching from one of the houses that ring the park.

Of course, we still had a few days where we just sat on the beach. My favorite beach moment was when Taison dug a belly-sized hole in the sand under our blanket so I could lay down on my stomach-I haven't been able to do that in weeks!

My other favorite moment was when this guy dressed as a highlighter came down to the beach.

Taison lounging on Oak Bluffs town beach

So, that's a little bit of this year's Vineyard vacation. I'll have to post about the food later, but here's a preview:

Hmm...what's in the bags?

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