Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick Update

Alain had a great 2 week appointment today. He's back to his birth weight exactly, which was where the pediatrician wanted him to be by now. (Yay, all of that cluster feeding has paid off!)

Snug in his car seat on the way to the pediatrician

Taison is back at work now, and I'm doing pretty well on my own with baby. Nights are not my favorite, but being up at night is part of the deal. Alain wakes up every couple of hours to be nursed and changed. He'll usually go back to sleep pretty easily, but I kind of hold my breath until he does. I've gotten better at forcing myself to take naps during the day when he does. Of course, Taison has been holding up his end of the baby and housekeeping duties, even though he is home less now.

Alain has a belly button now! His cord fell off at about 4 days old, and his belly button is all healed, which means we were able to give him a "real" bath for the first time yesterday. He didn't hate it too much : )

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