Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our First Week

Alain is already a week old! (Actually, 8 days old now.) He has met both sets of grandparents, an aunt, a cousin, and Coco so far. He'll meet his uncles later this month.

He had a great checkup with the pediatrician on Saturday. Besides eating and sleeping, he's had some tummy time and some naked time:

We met the Milk Monster last Wednesday night, when we were still in the hospital. Milk Monster is sweet baby Alain's alter ego. He demands milk on about an hourly basis some nights, and makes a face like this:
We love Milk Monster just as much as we do Alain; he's just a little more challenging to deal with, and we haven't yet been able to predict when he'll appear.

Taison and my dad put up Alain's quilt made by his great-grandma Merry. The nursery looks even cozier now. It's so nice to finally use it as a nursery. Alain doesn't sleep in there yet, but we spend plenty of time there doing diaper changes, wardrobe changes, and nursing.

We've also gone on some outings this week, including getting our Christmas tree today! Alain does okay in the car, and the carrier that we use when we go on walks puts him right to sleep. 

Taison and I have done well with week 1, and our first couple of days without grandma and grandpa Scott have been fine (they left us a lot of food : )). We're looking forward to seeing some more visitors starting this weekend. It has been so nice to have this quiet time to get our bearings and to enjoy these first few days with little Alain.  

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