Monday, January 20, 2014

8 Weeks

Alain is 8 weeks old tomorrow! Here are some new things our two month old (!) is up to:

Smiling at people and things he likes, including the colorful fish that hangs above the changing table. He loves that thing so much. I even take him to hang out on the changing table sometimes to distract him when he's fussy. He also loves to stare at the ceiling fan:

His eyebrows and lashes are filling in. He has my eyebrows, but it's looking like he may have his daddy's long eyelashes : )

He makes more sounds-he's added a few coos and gurgles (and a yell) to his repertoire. 

Rolling over! He rolled from his tummy to his back last week during a particularly exciting session of tummy time.

More hand control. He has been working very hard on getting his fist to reliably reach his mouth so that he can loudly suck on his fist or fingers. It's really funny to watch him focus on one of his hands, open his mouth, and slowly try to move the hand to the mouth. He's getting better at it-already learning that practice makes perfect!

He went on his first outing without mommy! He and daddy went to dinner with some of his friends (and their little ones). Alain did great-slept most of the time and guzzled almost all of the 5oz bottle that I pumped for him. 

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