Monday, January 13, 2014

Road Trippin'

We went out of town last weekend for the first time since Alain was born. Taison had a family-friendly work retreat on the Cape. It was just overnight, and less than a two-hour drive away: a good setup for a nice easy first trip. Alain did great! His growth spurt ended last week, so Mr. Fuss-Butt is gone for now. His naps, snacks, and awake time aligned nicely with our activities, and he stayed pretty much on his regular nighttime schedule (asleep by midnight, snack and diaper changes around 3am and 6am). He didn't scream in the car like I feared. Apparently highway driving is better for him than stop-and-go driving around town. He liked looking at new lights (he loves lights and shadows, and they still had a lot of Christmas lights up around the hotel) and meeting new people. He's great with eye contact and tracking people now, and is smiling more and more at people and things he likes.

In the carrier while Daddy did a presentation

Hanging out in the room before dinner being silly with daddy...

...and mommy. He decided he wanted to look around the room upside-down after he nursed.

Out to Sunday brunch

Ready for the ride home-he even smiled in the car seat!

Back home and exhausted after all of the new sights and sounds

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