Saturday, October 6, 2012


Julian's death made me appreciate family and friends more than ever, and I would like this to be a way for us to stay in touch. First, a little orientation:
  • The title: You all know how important music is to me and Taison. Listening to music and singing again has been an important part of the healing process. What some of you do not know is that we have seen some amazing skies since Julian died. The rainbows and clouds shaped like angel wings have comforted us and reminded us that Julian is still with us, just in a different way.
  • The background: The blue is the color of the cute little knitted hat that the nurses put on Julian after he was born. The background photo is of a double rainbow that we saw on our first day at the Vineyard this year.
I started this blog because of Julian, although I don't intend for it to be 100% about him. He is a very special part of our family, but only a part. So, this blog will also be about me and Taison, and hopefully someday, Julian's younger siblings.


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  1. I emailed my comments last night. Just wanted to reiterate that I think the blog is a great way for all of us to share in the healing, memorializing, and looking to the future. Mommiest