Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something beautiful

Sunrise on the Charles. Taison took this on his bike ride to work a couple of weeks ago. This is near Harvard Square, close to the section of the Charles that we could see from the hospital room where Julian was born. Taison and I watched the sun rise over that bend in the river just a few hours after we found out that Julian was gone. Through that Sunday while I was in labor, the three of us (mom, Taison and I) spent hours staring out at the river and the carefree people canoeing and paddleboarding on it. We couldn't understand how they could go about their daily lives, enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon, while ours had just come crashing down around us. I couldn't imagine ever reentering that world of carefree Sunday afternoons. What I've learned since then is that life does go on. Julian is not here, but I am, so I might as well try to make the best of each day. My days are not carefree, but most days I am able to find something beautiful to remind me of my beautiful son.

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