Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting Excited

It's a mostly-cloudy, chilly day today, and that's making me excited. The seasons changing means we're getting closer to meeting baby. It's been almost two uneventful weeks since Labor day, and I'm now in the 3rd trimester! I've calmed down from the stress of that scare and adjusted to a slightly slower pace. I slept in this morning, and as baby kicked around and wondered why we were still in bed, I daydreamed about seeing his "mad face" when he's born. You know, that scrunched-up, red, "what have you done to me" face that a lot of newborns make when they first emerge. I also daydreamed about:

-apple cider
-Food Day (I stumbled across this event in Harvard Square last year)
-Rach's wedding (aka Yale School of Public Health reunion)
-eight more weeks of work, I think
-hanging Christmas stockings for our family of four

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