Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wedding Weekend

My good friend from grad school got married yesterday. We had a great time celebrating  and catching up with friends. Baby got lots of love (aka belly rubs) from his YSPH aunties. We even did a little dancing : ).

About halfway through the reception it hit me that I was at about the same point in my pregnancy with Julian when I was in another good friend's wedding last year. I got the same questions and comments this time as I did then ("When are you due?" "Aren't you cute!" "Is this your first?"). It's just so much more emotionally complicated to respond to these questions now than it was last year. I did receive one comment that warmed my heart. I hadn't seen the mother of the bride in a couple of years. She not only congratulated me on this new pregnancy, but also took the time to share her condolences about Julian. It was so nice to hear her say his name.

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