Monday, October 21, 2013

A Shared Memorial

Taison and I attended a remembrance ceremony yesterday at Mt. Auburn hospital for families who had lost babies. Neither of us really wanted to go, for various reasons. I didn't know what to expect from the ceremony, and that made me nervous. I think I was afraid of feeling exposed. But, I knew I would regret missing an opportunity to memorialize Julian in the place he was born with the people who supported us during his birth.

It was uncomfortable to be there at first, but by the halfway point I was glad we had gone. The ceremony consisted of readings by various staff members (L&D nurses, midwives and OBs), music and some words by the hospital chaplain. We (the families in attendance) were also given an opportunity to participate, which was nice. Taison and I agreed afterward that our favorite part was actually the informal mingling afterwards. It was nice to chat with the staff members who were so intimately involved in Julian's birth, and the ones we have gotten to know in the 15 months since then.

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