Friday, October 4, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Chicken Pot Pie

I like chicken pot pie. It's such a comforting fall and winter dish. Last weekend I had a fennel bulb that I didn't know what to do with, so when I found this recipe, it was the perfect opportunity to use up the fennel and try making my own chicken pot pie.

I added some white wine to the chicken broth. The tiny bottles are perfect to have around for cooking, especially when I'm pregnant and not drinking.

I also added onion and a little celery. I omitted the fennel seeds and used prosciutto instead of ham.

Naked pie

Covered-up pie

Cooked pie. Look, I even made a little decoration in the crust. 


So, there was just one problem with this warm, inviting, savory pie: it wasn't quite as savory as it was supposed to be. I took a shortcut and bought a pie crust, and apparently the crust I bought was a pastry crust. Which meant it was sweet-distractinly sweet. All was not lost, though. I peeled the crust off of the rest of the pie and served the filling over rice. Next time, I'll either go all the way and make my own crust, or (more likely), just check the ingredients on the crust I buy to make sure there's no sugar!

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