Saturday, November 30, 2013

This Changes Everything

Alain Price Bell was born at 2:50pm on Tuesday, November 26th. Taison helped deliver him, and he cried within seconds of coming out. We were shocked that he weighed 8lbs, even though it was still two weeks before his due date. He scored a 9 on his first Apgar, and a perfect 10 on the second. He's great at breastfeeding (I had a feeling he would be a good eater : )). He's just as adorable as his older brother was, but we don't think he looks much like Julian.

I can't even begin to capture in words how I'm feeling and what a wonderful adventure the last few days have been. So, I'll just start with my favorite pictures of Alain:

Out and screaming

First family photo

First time in daddy's arms

Best support team-still smiling after over 24 hours of labor

First time in grandma's arms

Happy and alert after nursing

 Waiting to go home

Leaving the hospital

First car ride (hat by Momma Scott)

Checking out the Rock 'n Play (he likes it more than it looks like he does)


First Thanksgiving-mommy and daddy are exhausted but happy after a busy night of "cluster feeding"

Ready for first night at home-he slept a lot better than the previous night

First walk around the neighborhood

Parading down the hall with Coco's supervision

Taison and I have started saying to each other with dramatic exaggeration, "this changes everything". It does, though. Our lives have been turned upside-down in the most wonderful way possible with the arrival of our sweet Alain.

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