Monday, February 3, 2014

Kitchen Adventures?

As I'm sure you can imagine, I haven't been doing much in the kitchen lately. I choose meals to cook based on ease of preparation and ability to eat with one hand. I plan way ahead for meals that require even the simplest prep, taking advantage of times when Alain is napping or entertaining himself to measure out and chop ingredients. He can be good company in the kitchen when he's in a good mood. I show him the ingredients and narrate what I'm doing as he sits and watches from his Rock 'n Play. I've also gotten pretty good at maneuvering around the kitchen while wearing him in a wrap carrier, but I miss having long interrupted chunks of time to play around in the kitchen. So, I was excited to take advantage of Taison getting home early one day last week to do some real cooking. On the menu: lobster risotto.

Yum. I end up eating lots of meals on the couch, because it's easier to breastfeed and eat at the same time there : ) 

And now some pics of Alain from the weekend:

Helping Daddy fold laundry

Yoga with Mommy

Getting ready to go on a walk

Hanging out with Grandma : D

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