Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I am a Bostonian

When I turned on the news yesterday afternoon and saw the footage of the bombing, I broke down in tears. Part of it was the timing. Losing a child so recently makes me feel even more strongly for others who suffer loss. Part of it was the location. I walk down that block at least once a week. I get acupuncture a few blocks away. It's within walking distance of Symphony Hall and my office. Part of it was the circumstances. A beautiful day full of expectations for happy endings shattered so suddenly by the unimaginable. 

Next month marks four years that we've lived in Boston, the longest time I've lived anywhere since college. I didn't realize until seeing that footage that I have become a Bostonian. Sure, I'll always be a Virginia girl. My heart will always skip a beat when I touch down at Dulles, and I will ALWAYS complain about the Boston weather. But, I realized yesterday how much this city has found its way into my heart.

This tragedy has revealed the true character of Bostonians. They don't spare many smiles and greetings on a day to day basis, but when it really matters, they come together. Even though we still plan to leave this city in a few years, I will always have a soft spot for Boston. I kissed Taison for the first time here. I got (legally) married and had my first child here. I learned the significance of the song "Sweet Caroline" here. Even as I shed horrified tears yesterday, I was proud of this city and glad that I live here.

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