Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Springtime" in Chicago

We made our annual springtime trip to Chicago last weekend. It's not actually spring there yet (nothing's blooming, and there were snow showers the day we flew in), but we still had a good time and spent some time outside. This weekend was especially fun for two reasons:

1. All of the Scott siblings and their significant others were in the same city!
2. We went to Baconfest!

Baconfest is an annual celebration that takes place in a few different cities. Dozens of restaurants make small delicious things with bacon. I was a little worried that I would be completely sick by the end of two hours of sampling, but I paced myself. A lot of the foods didn't even include that much bacon.

Chocolate-bacon mousse and a macaron that somehow involved bacon. The mousse was amazing. 

This donut was soooo good. Maple frosted, stuffed with some sort of sweet cream cheese filling, topped with caramelized bacon.

This was one of the last things we tasted. A burger made of pork shoulder and bacon, on the most delicious brioche bun. Alex was skeptical about taking a bite of anything else, but he agreed it was worth it.

The crew. Taylor is more of a last-minute guy, which means he and Ana didn't get tickets (they sell out in like 10 minutes). We met up with them later.

The only acceptable activity after all of that eating is walking. We walked four miles to Wicker Park, a fun part of the city with lots of shops and restaurants. We went to a really cool vaguely Mexican-themed bar there. By then, I was ready for a snack.


We made our way back to Alex and Liz's apartment and played Rock Band for hours. Taylor and Ana (the young ones) made it out to a dance party around the corner afterwards, but the rest of us called it a night. 
1/3 of our band. In real life, Taylor is the drum player and Ana plays guitar.

The next morning, we said goodbye to Taylor and Ana, who had a morning flight. The remaining four of us went to brunch and walked around the neighborhood (Boystown) before it was time for Taison and me to pack up and head to the airport. When we got back home, the only things that sounded appealing for dinner were veggies.

Post-Baconfest dinner: veggies, tomato soup, and water

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