Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kitchen Adventures: Epic Fail

These look like some pretty tasty waffles, right?

No, these waffles were terrible.

My attempt at making brunch last Saturday failed comically. I was all set to make a banana-walnut version of my favorite waffle recipe. I have made waffles using this recipe MANY times since my dad introduced it to me last summer. This variation was inspired by one perfectly overripe banana that had been sitting in our fruit bowl for a few days. I was planning to throw it away, and was excited to have found something better to do with it. I mixed up the batter and made the first one-it looked scrumptious, but tasted very, very wrong. I quickly realized that I had accidentally grabbed the baking soda instead of baking powder. The most basic of kitchen mistakes. This was after I had accidentally flung melted butter across half of the kitchen and before I realized that the bacon was slimy and funny-smelling.

So, I told Taison, who thought it was all hilarious, and we abandoned brunch at home and went to Johnny D's : )

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